Mixwork is a mixed reality neural connection that improves the experience of work, home, social,
and entertainment life.

Product Demo


More companies are starting to support "location flexibility", remote work hubs are expanding their services, and nomadic workers are in search of "new bases".

Technological Progression

There is a heavy investment in improving Virtual Reality technology and experiences, emersion of artificial intelligence into all sectors of product offerings, and strides towards Satellite Broadband WIFI.

Work/Life Balance

Many industries are on their way to being automated, while it's predicted that work and life will continue to integrate, a good work/life balance is becoming one of the most important factors potential employees are looking for. 

Drivers for change

Future Scenario

In the transformative year 2050, the “digital” working class will be primarily living in communities designed for the optimization of productivity.


People are most productive when they are engaged, inspired, basic needs are taken care of, the low stress in their life, and have people both inside and outside of work that they care about.


The communities are designed to optimize
these things, lush green spaces are common,
noise is controlled, air quality is high, and these communities are created in areas of the planet
with the most temperate and preferable
weather conditions.


For example, You wake up in the morning to a gentle brightening of the room, do a quick yoga session before eating breakfast with your family. Upon finishing, the kids leave for school, and your personal assistant asks you “Would you like to work outside today?” You refer to a dashboard of weather conditions, schedule for the day, and mood-related factors, and ultimately agree that working outside would be preferable. Your assistant estimates it will be an 8-minute walk, shows you the path, and suggests grabbing a light jacket.

Some concerns in this world would be the perceived decision making -vs- actual decision making. Motivations and control over what your assistant recommends, and lack of contact with a variety of social classes.


A transformative worker’s physical space generally consists of two components: 


  • Table for ergonomic inputs: standing, or sitting. 

  • Digital auditory and visual integration: Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, and in some cases Virtual Reality and actual Reality.


A worker’s visual perspective would fluidly move from 100% Reality to 100% Virtual Reality and anywhere between completely at the discretion on the worker.


Each person would have a personal assistant built into the system, where they are able to view dashboards of anything in their lives. From the family’s health, location, and activities, to recommended social interactions.

Environment Intelligence

Mixwork monitors your physical environment, manages distractions,
and can alert you when necessary.



A personalized dashboard with relevant information adaptable to work, home, social, and entertainment environments.

Biometric Interventions

Intelligent recommendations for work, home, social and entertainment from stress and mood monitoring.

Focused Applications

Intelligent displays to
optimize productivity and
minimize cognitive strain.

Voice Accessible

Voice replacements for all gestures
and personalized voice assistance
from any mode.


Gesture Logic

Swipe up to move up a level in hierarchy whether that’s in OS, app, or on a tool.

Swipe down moves up a level in the hierarchy, this
can be looking at all files vs just one file or closing the whole system.

You don’t have to point to the correct place, the gesture will affect whatever you are looking at.

  OS Hierarchy


  1. Real Life

  2. Home / Dashboard

  3. Applications

  4. Settings

OS Gestures


Swipe up with either hand = Enter VR

Swipe down with either hand = Leave VR

+ voice confirmation

Swipe up with either hand = Show all applications

Expand all fingers = Open Application

Contract all fingers = Close Application

+voice confirmation

Voice Assistant, just ask a question

  App Hierarchy


  1. File History

  2. Al Files

  3. View Mode

  4. Edit Mode

App Gestures


Pinch with two fingers = Zoom Out

Expand with two fingers = Zoom In

Swipe Down with either hand = Show all Files

+ organized with depth for file history

+ another swipe down goes back in time

Look + Tap = Set curser or selection

Look + Hold Tap + Change Gaze = Custom Select

L Tap = Remove Part of Selection

Select and Swipe Right = Delete